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Four key reasons to choose HubSpot

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A 360-degree view of sales & marketing

HubSpot is a comprehensive tool focused on marketing (especially lead generation), sales, and customer care, allowing you to see the full picture of the B2B customer journey. 

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128 000 companies can't be wrong

Present in the international markets for more than 16 years, HubSpot is used by over 128 000 companies. The total value of HubSpot licenses sold each year surpasses one million dollars.

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Free learning resources and training

The HubSpot Academy self-learning platform allows you to develop skills independently and at your own pace, covering topics like content marketing, sales, and customer service.

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Customer-centric and user-oriented

HubSpot is one of the most intuitive cloud-based CRM systems out there. Its easy-to-use content management platform was designed with business users in mind.

Why go for HubSpot with 6Minded

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+30 000 hours of experience

We’ve been working with HubSpot for almost 10 years. We’ve spent over 30 000 hours implementing various projects in the platform.


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Leading HubSpot Gold Partner  

We have more reviews in the HubSpot ecosystem than any other HubSpot partner in Poland. All of them are positive, many outstanding.

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Large international customer base

Our portfolio includes over 250 clients worldwide. We’ve deployed HubSpot in dozens of local and global companies of all sizes.

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A full range of custom services  

We’ve helped many clients take first steps in HubSpot. Others relied on us for support, optimization, and content production.

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IMPACT THAT lasts beyond deployment

At least 50 companies that we assisted in HubSpot deployment use the platform to this day, drawing benefits from their investment.

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A team of top-notch HubSpot specialists

Our experts are cited on the official HubSpot website. They were the finalists of the HubSpot Inbound Campaign of the Year competition.

We know HubSpot inside-out. Our designers create websites specifically for the platform, devs work solely in the HubSpot ecosystem, while content creators and graphic designers produce valuable content that’s always in line with the inbound marketing strategy.

We have working experience with all the solutions we deploy for our clients.

That’s us — a team that uses HubSpot every day.

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