Ondat’s Website Makeover makes it much easier to find relevant content

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Complete website redesign in HubSpot CMS aligned with Ondat’s
brand identity allowed flexible content management

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Ondat is a kube-native storage solution that provides technology and development experts with tools for running various data applications worldwide.

To guarantee high-quality performance and security, it offers a fast and scalable platform that stores and creates replicas of your data.



IT Services and IT Consulting

Company size

30+ employees


London, United Kingdom

Case study

HubSpot CMS implementation, Website design & development


Industry-leading companies like Ondat need a modern, up-to-date website that reflects their brand’s vision and expertise.

Before the HubSpot CMS migration, the website lacked a proper structure, was outdated and hard to navigate. It needed multiple plugins and constant updates, making its management a nightmare.



We moved data from the old website to a new one in HubSpot. Now, it has a crisp, modern design that appeals to the users, it can accommodate future changes easily and runs smoothly thanks to automation.

After the successful HubSpot migration, Ondat continues to expand, as it was acquired by Akamai Technologies to strengthen its cloud computing services. The new website reflects this growth.


Crystal clean design

The new website design corresponds with the refreshed brand identity.

Remodeled layout keeps things organized on the website, making the content more accessible.

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All CMS and CRM tools are available in one place for seamless content production.

We have revamped the entire website in HubSpot, including a fresh navigation system to make it more intuitive and in line with the brand’s vision and new visual guidelines.
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None of the key elements
have been omitted

The previous website was missing a few key elements, such as the pricing page. The crucial step during the design process was to provide users with all vital information and features transparently.

Clear, intuitive navigation

Now, the resources page has clear, intuitive navigation. All assets are uniform thanks to custom templates, and categories make them easy to navigate and find.

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We have added some extra features to enrich the website experience

Example: The webinar blog with an automatically updated status about the upcoming and on-demand webinars.


Custom illustrations
for a more unique feel

We have designed a set of original illustrations to match the client’s brand style and make the design stand out.

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